Chester, NJ - Child Photography Session

NFB_201Nikaela is the newest lady in our Brady Bunch pack of nieces and nephews! I try to get updated photos of the kids at least once per year and this time it was Nika and her sister, Isabella’s turn for a session. My sister-in-law saw this cute “hot air balloon” idea online and we decided to create our own version with latex balloons and a wicker basket. The end result was so adorable, just like the birthday girl herself!  Nika wasn’t exactly a fan of being in a basket, but we were able to squeeze plenty of good shots in before she had enough. With small children, you have to work as fast and efficiently as possible. If something is working, keep shooting because you have no idea when their mood will suddenly change!  Here are a few favorites…

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Our Family Getaway to the Adirondacks

This year (well, technically it was last!) I wanted to keep my Christmas shopping to a minimum. I wanted to enjoy the season after the crazy year I had and not spend the majority of it fighting for parking spaces, waiting in lines and spending a fortune on holiday shopping.  But of course, we still wanted to get something for our families. Shopping for my side of the family is easy..we’re only 6. But Kleber’s family is a whole other story!  So I came up with the bright idea of doing a group activity in lieu of gifts and plan a nice trip for the entire family!  We wanted to go somewhere that was only 3-4 hours away from home by car and that would be a new experience for all of us.  After lots of research, Kleber and I decided on Lake George in Upstate New York as our final destination.  We’ve heard so many great things about the Adirondacks and we thought a ski weekend would be fun and something we’ve never done before. Finding a place that would accommodate our large group for a reasonable price was no easy task, but we did and it was absolutely perfect!

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January 20, 2015 - 7:43 pm

Irma - Beautiful place and beautiful pictures, trying to convince Eddie to take me sking
Glad you all had so much fun

City Location Ideas


I LOVE shooting in cities! Whether it be big cities or small ones, there’s never a shortage of awesome backdrops, open shade and plenty of natural reflectors – the options are endless! I always try to visit my session locations a few days in advance to scout for accesible and visually interesting settings if I haven’t shot there before. But when that’s not possible, I make plans to arrive an hour before the session to drive or walk around and find a few great places for us to take pictures. Here’s my list of a possible location ideas that can be found in pretty much any city and that make awesome backdrops for photos.

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